3 Fishtown Treats for the End of Summer Blues

  • Stephen Dougherty
  • 09/2/20

We’re down to the final weeks of summer. Perfect time to take advantage of the city’s favorite cold treats, before it’s the ground that’s cold instead.

Below, I’ve rounded up my top three places to cool off in Fishtown.

Weckerly’s Ice Cream: 9 W. Girard Avenue

Owners Jen Satinsky and her husband Andy can be found scooping their wares at neighborhood events and block parties, or slowly crafting the perfect ice cream flavor at their Girard Avenue shop, one batch at a time. It’s no surprise that these likeable locals make lovable ice cream, in flavors made from farm-fresh ingredients, with just the right hint of fantastical imagining (who knew basil would make ice cream taste so good?) Check their Instagram account for the latest flavors on offer.

Interstate Draft House: 1235 E. Palmer Street

Have you ever heard of the Fishtown Iced Tea? If not, you need to get yourself over to Interstate Draft House. What started as an inside joke in the neighborhood (due to the Arctic Splash cartons that notoriously litter its streets) turned into a neighborhood cocktail (naturally).  This is one strong drink, so go into it prepared. But it’s oh-so-worth it to be Fishtown-official.

Ken Shin Asian Diner: 301 Spring Garden Street

This corner spot has ridiculously good food, but while you’re there for dinner, be sure to check out the beverage menu. A refreshingly wide and delicious array of bubble teas and Vietnamese coffee awaits.

Do you have other questions about where to go or what to do in Fishtown? I’m happy to help. Reach out anytime to Stephen Dougherty at 215-485-0082 or https://www.localphillyliving.com/contactus/

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