DIY Your Curb Appeal this Summer

  • Stephen Dougherty
  • 07/6/20

When it comes to amping up your home’s resale value, summertime is a great time to think about curb appeal. As the very first thing that open house visitors will see – the outside of your home – you want first impressions to be not just good, but great. Luckily, there are even a few easy ways for you to up your game in this department. It’s not all roofing and new coats of paints.

Below, I’ve outlined three easy-to-accomplish ways to both enhance your home’s curb appeal and also get a little outdoor enjoyment out of the rest of the summer season.

  • Turn your backyard into an urban oasis:

The main problem with gardening in the city has to do with space: just not enough of it and generally not even the right kind of space (concrete being much less friendly to flowers than green grass and soil). There are a few clever ways you can fix this problem, while also adding some quaint DIY appeal to your outdoor spaces. Hanging gardens avoid the problem of space altogether, while creating a feature that draws the eye upwards. You can really get creative with how you approach this one, too. Try anything from hanging baskets to re-purposed shutters to wooden picture frames. Look to local publication Citywide Stories has some great advice on gardening in the city here.

  • Turn old patio furniture new again:

Your outdoor furniture doesn’t have to look weathered just because it sits outdoors. One of the easiest fixes that adds so much color and pop to a patio, backyard, or roof-deck? Good old spray paint. Just be sure to give your furniture a good cleaning before spraying on the new paint layer.

  • Make sure your address is prominent and visitor-friendly:

It’s easy-to-overlook, but oh-so-important. The address sign in front of your home is the first point of greeting to guests and residents alike. Give the old numbers a good dusting, or replace them completely with something fun and fresh. Check out these gorgeous artist-created address signs (made right here in Fishtown) for some local inspiration.

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